About Us

The Highs & Lows Choir is mental health choir. We are a peer-led, four part singing group that provides low barrier choral singing to those with lived experience dealing with mental illness. We recognize that there are numerous barriers that prevent individuals from engaging in community activities and we are committed to making it easy for people to get involved.

Mental Health Choir

Low barrier participation:

We have never charged for membership or music, there is no choir uniform and we do not have an audition requirement. Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all of our members. There is no pressure to attend every practice, we just want to have fun singing!

Why we sing:

For a lot of us, singing boosts our mood and gives us an opportunity to connect with people in a fun and supportive environment. Singing is an outlet that allows us to be who we are without judgement. For some of us, the choir gives us a reason to get out of the house. We can be social, challenge ourselves, and feel a sense of achievement. This is extremely important as some mental health conditions can make it hard to participate in social activities and interactions. But we all agree, singing with other and having fun are our top reasons for being part of the choir.